Hercules Stands GS415B Hanging Guitar Stand (Discontinued)


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Hercules Stands GS415B Hanging Guitar Stand

The Hercules Stands GS415 Hanging Guitar Stand is also similar to the GS414B and GS412B, with the main difference between the three models being their height. The GS415 goes to a max height of 45.2”, making it long enough for just about any bass guitar.

Like the other Hercules Stands featured on this list, the GS415B is a great “at home” stand. It’s stable, the foam provides excellent coverage on all contact points, and it has a large enough length to accommodate any guitar in your collection.


  • Compatible Guitar Types: Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Bass Guitar
  • Stand Base: Tripod
  • Portability: Medium
  • Weight: 4.3 lbs
  • How it Holds Your Guitar: Gravity and Neck Clip
  • Nitrocellulose Safe: Yes

It does fold down to make it somewhat easier to transport, but it’s not as easily transportable as you’re average a-frame stand. You won’t be able to fit it in a gig bag, but you’ll still be able to throw it in the backseat of a car or truck without running into any problems.