Jackson JS12 Dinky (HH) 6 String Electric Guitar (Discontinued)


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Jackson JS12 Dinky


Looking every bit as good as some more expensive guitars and with its dual Jackson custom humbucker high-output pickups you'll be shredding with the best of them.

Back in the '80s, Jackson was the definitive metal guitar brand, known for producing premium American made shred friendly instruments made popular by many rock guitarists of the time. Even now that competition for metal guitar is stiff, Jackson still retains its special spot having a long list of metalheads as their endorsers.

Being a sub-brand of Fender, Jackson now has the same mass production technology and techniques as the other Fender brands, and as such allows Jackson guitars to produce affordable versions of their popular guitar designs. The Jackson JS12 Dinky is one such instrument, following the design of their popular Dinky "superstrat" model but utilizing more efficient and readily available materials as well as modern production methods. The body is crafted from basswood while the bolt-on neck is made from maple topped by a rosewood fretboard. This affordable version has some of the original specifications including the 25.5" Strat style scale length and 12" flat fretboard radius.

If you're looking for a shred-friendly electric guitar that will not shred your budget, then you should check out the JS12 Dinky.

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