JHS Milkman Digital Slap Echo Pedal


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JHS The Milkman Digital Slap Echo Pedal

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The Milkman appeared on our recommended list for Digital Delay Pedals from November 2020 until October 2021 when it was out-ranked by other pedals.

Although this was previously on our recommended list, there are options with higher ratings available in our guide to The Best Delay Pedals.


The JHS Milkman was designed to be a simple distillation of all your needs for a great Rockabilly tone: a slapback echo and boost.

The pedal was born from a collaboration between Josh Scott of JHS and Tim Marcus of Milkman Sound. Tim wanted a pedal that could pair well with the tremolo and reverb of his amp.

It was also designed to be a pedal that Americana players could use as their only pedal if they want.

The boost is ample enough to push amps into saturation without sacrificing feel and dynamic range.

Note that the short delay time might not be to the taste for those looking to create lush soundscapes.

Paired up with an F-style amplifier and a T-style guitar, the JHS Milkman delivers the goods when it comes to the best of Americana tones.


  • Controls: Slap, Mix, Repeat, EQ, Boost
  • Delay Time: up to 240ms
  • Switching: True Bypass
  • Power: 9V DC power supply required (sold separately)


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