Quik-Lok QL-623 3 Tier Keyboard Stand


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Quik Lok QL-623 3 Tier Keyboard Stand

The Quik Lok QL-623 is generally well regarded for the fact that it's easy to pack up and take to and from gigs. Where it gets marked down is that often the two arms of the 2nd tier don't line up perfectly leading to the keyboard on that level sometimes being a bit wobbly. While many musicians use it live, quite a few have reported that they needed to make modifications to the 2nd tier - so if you're not handy with modifying equipment then this probably isn't the best stand for you.

The top 2 tiers can carry 60 lbs each and the overall load limit is 265 lbs. The main tier is 17.9 inches deep and the top two tiers are 12 inches deep. The top 2 tiers can be set to the following angles: 90°, 81°, 72°, 63°, 54°. This image shows the range of heights and widths the base can be adjusted to:
Leg depth: 26" - 66 cm
Main Tier depth: 17.9" - 42.5 cm
2nd & 3rd Tier depth: 12" - 30.5 cm
2nd & 3rd Tier angles: 90, 81, 72, 63, 54 deg
Folded height: 40.4" - 102.7 cm
Overall Weight capacity: 265 lb - 120kg
2nd tier weight capacity: 60 lb - 27 kg
3rd tier weight capacity: 60 lb - 27 kg
Weight: 24 lb - 10.9 kg
Brace tube size: 30 mm x 30 mm
Tiers tube size: 30 mm