StandTastic 103KS 60″ 3 Tier A-Frame Keyboard Stand

89 out of 100. Incorporating 70+ ratings and reviews.
LM Products

Gearank High Notes

StandTastic 103KS: Highest Rated 3 Tier Keyboard Stand - 2022.10

Gearank Recommended

The StandTastic 103KS first appeared on our recommended list for 3 Tier Keyboard Stands when we published the first edition back in December 2015 as the highest rated option in that category. It remained in that position until March 2018 when it was out-ranked by the On Stage KS7903.

Then in March 2020 it became the highest in its category again and it has held that title in every edition since then.


The StandTastic 103KSB was designed, tested, and patented in the USA by LM Products.

It folds down to 64″ x 6″ x 6″ and comes with a carry bag and only weighs 21 lb.

It also has ruled markers to help you set the height precisely.

It’s difficult to say what the smallest size keyboard is that you can place on it, but it should be fine with most 49-Key keyboards and up.


  • Load capacity: Not specified
  • Height: Adjustable with the top tier going up to 57″
  • Width: Adjustable up to up to 36″
  • Arms: Tilt is adjustable but the degree of movement is not specified
  • Depth: Adjustable from 12″ to 22″
  • Construction: Not specified other than to say it’s not made using plastic and the racks are metal
  • Weight: 21 lb