Thomastik JF344 Flatwound Long Scale Jazz Bass Guitar Strings


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Thomastik JF344 Flatwound Long Scale Jazz Bass Guitar Strings


Thomastik strings are a high-end product, designed for those who are looking for a particular type of tone.

They aren’t better than cheaper strings, but they do fill a particular niche very well (the company sells a variety of strings, with different models being intended to do different things).

However, because they are a niche product that does mean that they’re going to be significantly more expensive than a lot of their competitors’ strings.

This set is unique in that it’s one of the few pure-nickel flatwound bass strings readily available. This gives the strings a very warm tone, perfect for jazz. In fact, most of the company’s endorsees are jazz musicians.

While many of the endorsees for Thomastik do favor jazz, the strings are still pretty versatile.

They don’t have much punch, which to be fair is to be expected from flatwounds, but there are a few examples of bass guitarists from heavier genres who like the brand’s strings (like Peter “Peavey” Wagner of Rage).


  • Gauge: Extra-Light (.043 to .100)
  • Material: Pure Nickel
  • Coated: No
These were previously on our main recommended list and only came off due to us changing our guide to focus on standard gauges. You can see our current recommended list here: The Best Bass Guitar Strings.