Crosby Audio PCK10 Solderless Pedalboard Patch Cable Kit (Discontinued)


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Crosby Audio PCK10 Solderless Pedalboard Cable Kit

The Crosby Audio PCK10 is a DIY patch cable kit that lets you build up to 5 patch cables without the need for soldering.

Included are 10 low profile plugs which you can configure to be straight or right angle, and 10 feet of cable which you can cut and assemble to 5 patch cables of your preferred length.

And since this kit is solderless, assembly is made easy, you don't even need to strip the cable, all you have to do is insert the cut end into the plug and tighten the included magnetic screws.

This cable features shielded OFC conductor while the plugs have gold-plated tips and can be configured in a straight or right-angle position.


  • Pack: 10' Cable, 10 Solderless Plugs
  • Plug: Adjustable (Straight or Right Angle)
  • Conductor: OFC
  • Length: 10'

Ease of setup is the main reason why many are pleased with this cable kit. Even those with little to no experience with cabling found the process to be easy enough. The kit's customizability is another commonly commended trait, owners are pleased with the versatility of the plugs which can be configured to either right angle or straight. All in all, those who bought this patch cable are very pleased with what they got for the money.

There are a few who report having issues with the setup, but given that they are so few - they are most probably due to human error, and not an issue with the cable and plugs.

This affordable guitar patch cable is easy enough even for first timers to appreciate, while experienced musicians with complex setups will appreciate its customizability.

Unfortunately this is no longer available - you can see which alternatives we recommend in our guide to The Best Guitar Patch Cables.

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