Fender Champion 100 Guitar Combo Amplifier 100W


93 out of 100. Incorporating 1800+ ratings and reviews.

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Fender Champion 100 Guitar Combo Amplifier 100W
Fender Champion 100 Guitar Combo Amplifier 100W

Behind its old school silver grille cloth front fascia, the Fender Champion 100 is a value packed amplifier that combines power with nifty features.

To start off, it has a 100 Watt amplifier section that drives 2 x 12" speakers, more than enough for most venues, while keeping the price tag reasonable.

The amp's first channel is based on old Fender Blackface clean, while the second channel lets you choose from 16 different amp voices, from overdrive to high octane distortion.

It also comes with 16 effects that expand your tone options even further. To better accommodate existing guitar rigs, Fender equipped the Champion 100 with effects loop connection.


  • Power: 100W
  • Speaker: 2 x 12"
  • Amp Modeling: 16 Amp Models + Blackface Clean
  • Effects: 16 Effects
  • Input:1 x 1/4", 1 x 1/4" (FX Loop In), 1 x 1/8" (Aux), 1 x 1/4" (Footswitch)
  • Outputs: 1 x 1/4" (FX Loop Out), 1 x 1/8" (Headphones)
  • Weight: 40 lbs.

The Fender Champion 100 is a true champion in the market, and from the data we've analyzed, it's not going to let up anytime soon. Sound quality and value for money are its best traits, and it also stands out for its intuitive old-school style control. Many are pleased with its authentic sounding Blackface clean tone, while others are especially fond of its overdriven tone. The amp's solid build and vintage style aesthetics also adds to its premium appeal, ideal for experienced guitarists who prefer classic looks. Some owners were even impressed with the relatively light weight this has for a 100 watt amp.

There are a few who are not too happy with its high-gain tones but they are in the minority. There are some who wish for extra features like an extension speaker output and a dedicated reverb knob to complete its old school controls.

The Fender Champion 100 is an old school looking amp that can go toe to toe with any amplifier in this price range, be it in terms of features or sound quality.

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