Fender Performance Series Guitar Patch Cable 6" 2-Pack (Discontinued)


92 out of 100. Incorporating 400+ ratings and reviews.

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Fender Performance Series Guitar Patch Cable 6" 2-Pack
Fender Performance Series Guitar Patch Cable 6" 2-Pack

Fender's Performance Series Patch Cable continues to receive good ratings and recommendations.

This patch cable is thicker than many at a 0.31" diameter, with two right angle 1/4" plugs and a flexible PVC jacket that protects the inner conductor and prevents cable memory and kinking.

It also features 90% OFC spiral shield for interference free operation.


  • Pack: 2 pcs
  • Plug: Right Angle Metal Plugs
  • Conductor: OFC
  • Shield: 90% OFC Spiral
  • Length: 6"


Most of the users were satisfied with the Fender Performance Series Patch Cables' performance, with some even using adjectives like "excellent" and "perfect". Many found the cable to have just the right balance of flexibility and strength for easy setup and maintaining their position on the board.


There were some users who wanted more colorful options, while others reported that the cable was too stiff.


Other than those, the response is generally positive and well worth the extra investment compared to some cheaper alternatives.

The Fender Performance Series Patch Cable is not currently on our recommended list - you can see our recommendations in our guide to The Best Guitar Patch Cables & Pedal Couplers.