Fishman Matrix Infinity Wide Active Acoustic Guitar Pickup & Preamp System (Discontinued)


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Fishman Matrix Infinity Wide Active Acoustic Guitar Pickup & Preamp System

The Matrix Infinity Wide shares the same features as the Matrix Infinity Narrow - the only difference on the units are the width of the undersaddle strip.

Check and measure your guitar's specifications before deciding on which version to get.

Key Features

  • Type: Piezo
  • Required Mods: Bridge Installation, End Pin, Sound Hole Controls
  • Installation Difficulty: High
  • Controls: Tone, Volume, Voicing


Positive user reviews for the Matrix Infinity Wide share similar sentiments as the narrow version. Several users have both versions of the pickup in multiple guitars because of their positive experiences with the tone and response.


Some users report the wide version requires better sanding of the saddle since the point of contact is wider. Uneven sanding results in volume mismatches across each string.


If your guitar has a wider saddle slot, the Matrix Infinity Wide is the model to get.

Unfortunately this is no longer available new in stores - for highly rated alternatives see in our guide to The Best Acoustic Guitar Pickups - Active & Passive.

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