Hosa IRG-100.5 Low-Profile Right Angle Guitar Patch Cable


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Hosa IRG-100.5 Low-Profile Right Angle Guitar Patch Cable

The Hosa IRG-100.5 patch cable continues to win over guitarists world-wide with its distinct low-profile plug design.

The thinner profile of the plug lets you save on precious pedalboard space, and makes setup a bit easier.

And since it's made by Hosa to be affordable, buying them in bundles will not hurt your budget as much.

These plugs are also configured to be user serviceable via soldering, which extends longevity and value for money even further.


  • Plug: Right Angle All-Metal
  • Conductor: 24 AWG OFC
  • Shield: 80% OFC Spiral
  • Length: 6"
  • Variant: 12"

Many users are pleased with the space they save by using this patch cable, especially when using smaller pedalboards where every inch counts. It is also commended for its cable flexibility, which is important when setting up pedals, and more importantly many feel that they got more than what they paid for in terms of quality.

Still there are a few who have experience with premium cables that were not impressed with its build quality. Keep in mind that the thin "pancake" style plug is a bit wider than usual, so it may block jacks that are close to each other, like on some stereo output pedals.

If you're looking for an affordable patch cable for your small/nano size pedalboard, then get the Hosa IRG-100.5.

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