Martin Lifespan MA540T Acoustic Guitar Strings (Light)


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Martin Lifespan MA540T

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The MA540T appeared on our recommended list for Light Gauge Acoustic Guitar Strings from February 2021 until June 2022 when it was removed due to there being more highly rated sets of strings available.


This set is the coated version of the highly rated MA540, utilizing similar 92/8 phosphor bronze winding, with improved longevity thanks to Martin's own proprietary coating.

This is obviously their attempt at taking a piece of the coated string pie, and based on reviews it does seem like they are doing well.

Being a coated light gauge set, you can expect this to retain its crisp high frequencies longer, compared to its non-coated counterpart.

The extra lifespan added by the coating is well worth the price, especially when you consider Martin's legacy and reputation for quality.


  • Gauge: Light (.012 to .054)
  • Material: 92/8 Phosphor Bronze
  • Coated: Yes

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