Phil Jones Bass Double Four (BG-75) Combo Bass Amplifier

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Phil Jones Bass

In every industry there’s a product that defies commonly held conventions, and the Phil Jones Double Four Bass is a perfect example of this.

Looking at the amp, you’d be right to think that it’s an overpriced practice amp.

That would be most musician’s first impression when they look at this amplifier. But believe it or not, this amp packs a pretty meaty punch.

For something so compact, the Double Four also pumps out 70-watts of power. The amp also sports a Line-out, so it can be hooked into a console for recording or live performance. The Double Four also includes an AUX-input as well as a headphone-output.


  • 70-Watts
  • Two 4” Speakers
  • Controls: Input Level (Instrument Volume), Bass, Mid, Treble, AUX-Input Level, Master Level
  • AUX-Input, Headphone-Output, Line-Out


By all accounts, the Double Four is a professional sounding amplifier. It’s reported to have a warmth and depth of tone that’s unbelievable for its size. Even Ed Friedland of Bass Player Magazine is quite happy with its tone: “within its practical volume range, the Double Four produces a sexy, rounded tone that can be molded for modern or traditional applications”. Many bassists also describe it as being very organic and transparent.


Value for money is the biggest drawback of this portable amp, especially since it is a niche product. But even though there are bigger and louder alternatives in the same price range, those who have invested on the Phil Jones Double Four find it to be worth the price.


The Phil Jones Bass Double Four is a boutique quality portable bass amplifier for those who are willing to invest in a premium quality portable amp.

This is not currently on our recommended list – to see that go to our guide to The Best Combo Bass Amps.

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