Promark TX515 Joey Jordison Signature Hickory Wood Tip Drumsticks - Wood Tip


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Promark TX515 Joey Jordison Autograph Series Drum Sticks

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Our rating of 95/100 is based on analysis of 275+ sources comprised of online reviews and discussions. Under the Pros and Cons headings below you'll find a condensed analysis of what those owners and users have been saying. Feel free to ask questions or add your thoughts in the comments section.

As the name implies, this stick is co-designed by Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison, with a slim neck and a full round tip.

This profile is designed to provide drummers with sticks that have good articulation and rebound, while having enough durability and projection for Jordison's style of heavy rock playing.

Although it does not have any impact in performance, Promark added an interesting spin to this signature model by adding Joey's actual blood into the red ink used on the signature.

Thankfully, only a trace amount of blood is used so we don't have to worry about Joey's blood pressure even with so many being sold.


  • Tip Material: Hickory
  • Weight: 2.0.9z
  • Diameter: 0:551”
  • Length: 16”
  • Taper: Not Specified

Owners of these sticks are happy with the weight and balance, which many describe as perfect for the heavy hitting requirements of modern grunge and rock styles. They're also commended for being durable, be it for use on acoustic or electronic drums.

These sticks are not meant for low volume applications, you may want to have a separate set of sticks for that. There are some who report stick breakage earlier than they expected.

Whether or not you're a fan of Slipknot, the Promark TX515W Joey Jordison Autograph will make a good addition for drummers who hit hard and play rock music.

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