The Best Drum Thrones 2024 – Round, Saddle & Backrest

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Drumming is a very physical activity, you use all four limbs to keep precise time.

As such, ergonomics play a huge role in what we do.

Enter the drum throne, the basis and foundation of all your technique and drum setups.

The best drum thrones offer reliability, comfort and stability while allowing you to execute without worrying about injuries or losing balance.

Needs and preferences in drum thrones are almost as varied as body types, they come in all shapes, sizes, height ranges and firmness levels. Although not commonly seen as a glamorous purchase, its hard to think of any other equipment that directly effects how well you play as much as the drum throne. It’s a worthy investment and a smart upgrade to say the least.

Here, we compiled a list of the highest rated options on the market today to help you find the best drum throne to help you stay comfortable and playing at your best at all times.

If after reading through those you’re still not sure which drum throne is right for you, check out the section “Things to Consider When Buying a Drum Throne” to get more information on what makes a good drum throne.

The Best Drum Thrones – 2024

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Best Round Drum Thrones

Gibraltar 9608SFT

95 out of 100. Incorporating 275+ ratings and reviews.

Gibraltar is a company known for making reliable and affordable drum and percussion hardware.

Their 9608SFT, or "Softy Throne" as it's monikered, features a 5" thick soft and round foam cushion and a sturdy double-braced tripod base.

The top is lined with plush Cordura fabric and its edge with vinyl providing a comfortable feel and quality finish.

Its uses Gibraltar's Super Foot solid foundation rubber feet and is heavy duty with replaceable parts readily available.

Key Features

  • Height Adjustment Range: 20” to 26”
  • Height Adjust Configuration: Spindle
  • Extras: Memory Lock Height Adjustment and Locking Collar, Soft Seat


Many happy users found this throne to be comfortable for long sessions, sturdy and easy to adjust. Some of those users weigh over 240 lbs. and they found that this throne handles their weight and frame easily.


For a drum throne nicknamed the Softy Throne some found it still to be too firm for their tastes. Take note that it might take a while to "break in" the foam before it reaches optimal softness.


If your current throne feels too hard after long gigs or practice sessions then you might find relief from the Softy Throne.

Pork Pie Round

97 out of 100. Incorporating 200+ ratings and reviews.
Pork Pie
At publication time this was the Highest Rated Round Drum Throne - for the second year in a row!

Pork Pie Percussion is an American company known for its handmade drums and hardware.

Among its popular products are their drum thrones, well respected in the drumming community for their looks, supreme comfort and longevity.

Their round drum thrones feature thick "ultra" heavy duty, high density foam padding supported by a double braced base and come in a variety of regular, glitter and animal print tops.

Key Features

  • Seat Size: 14.5"
  • Height Adjustment Range: 21.5" to 28"
  • Height Adjust Configuration: Spindle
  • Extras: Height Lock


As you'd expect due to its high ratings, the vast majority of users are very impressed with the Pork Pie Round. Many say that this is the most comfortable throne they've used even after long sessions. Quite a few with lower back issues also say this one helped with that once they changed over. And it does get a lot of praise for quality construction.


There were some who found the seat to be a bit too high for their liking. Be sure to check your height requirements before purchasing any throne.


Pork Pie Round thrones have been generating lots of positive feedback for over a decade so you can be sure that this is a reliable and sturdy option.

Best Saddle Drum Thrones

Roc-N-Soc Manual Spindle Original

96 out of 100. Incorporating 250+ ratings and reviews.

Roc-N-Soc is a reputed brand that focuses solely on seating for musicians and lay claim to a few innovations in the drum throne world including saddle-shaped drum thrones themselves based off an old Harley Davidson seat according to founder, Steve McIntosh.

The Manual Spindle Original Saddle is designed more for simple and compact use compared to the other offerings from Roc-N-Soc and is the most affordable of the Roc-N-Soc thrones on this list.

This tripod throne features a cloth top for breathability and a durable vinyl trim on a double-braced base.

Key Features

  • Height Adjustment Range: 19” to 26”
  • Height Adjustment Method: Spindle
  • Extras: Optional Back Rest


The internet is filled with rave reviews about its comfort and build quality, lasting users many years and helping prevent fatigue from long sessions. This throne has even gotten a few positive remarks from guitarists who use this as their guitar stool.


There were rare reports of the swivel lock or wing nut connecting the throne top to the base coming loose at inopportune times. But those were issues reported several years ago and don't seem like problems with the current thrones.


Without a doubt, Roc-N-Soc produces very high quality drum thrones and this manual spindle option from them is a solid, no-frills option worth considering.

Roc-N-Soc LSG O-K Lunar Series

96 out of 100. Incorporating 125+ ratings and reviews.

The Roc-N-Soc LSG O-K Lunar series is a gas lift drum throne with a free-spinning motorcycle saddle shaped cushion topped with a soft velour flocking for comfort.

Its gas shock absorber mechanism reduces back fatigue while its gas lift provides quick and easy height adjustment on the fly.

This throne is unique in that it features a 5-point base for added stability.

Key Features

  • Height Adjustment Range: 19" - 27"
  • Height Adjustment Method: Gas Lift
  • Extras: 5 - Point base for Stability, Optional Back Rest, Optional foot rings, Optional Casters


Many users praise the LSG O-K Lunar Series for its comfort, particularly over long hours behind the kit. The shock absorbing mechanism gets a lots of thumbs up from people who have complained about back problems while performing. People also loved the stability the 5-point base provided.


Due to the contouring of the seat, some got the feeling that this throne made them lean forward more than they would like. Because of the large, non-collapsing, multi-pointed base it was hard for some to transport and position on smaller, cramped stages.


If drumming in comfort and luxury is what you're aiming for, the Roc-N-Soc LSG O-K is an excellent choice.

Roc-N-Soc Nitro

99 out of 100. Incorporating 1300+ ratings and reviews.
At publication time this was the Highest Rated Saddle Drum Throne - for the 3rd year in a row!

The Roc-N-Soc Nitro uses the same seat found on the Manual Spindle, and as far as the majority of the hardware is concerned it’s essentially the same product.

The major difference between the two is that the Nitro uses a nitrogen gas shock absorber and height adjustment mechanism.

The good thing about the height adjustment mechanism on this throne is that it allows you to adjust your height from a seated position, which is great if you need to make fine adjustments mid gig or when sharing the throne among multiple drummers.

Another difference to note is that this throne has a free spinning seat as opposed to the locked seat of the manual spindle.

Key Features

  • Height Adjustment Range: 18” to 24”
  • Height Adjustment Method: Nitro Gas Lift
  • Extras: Optional Back Rest


Many drummers say this is the best drum throne they've owned and a few own more than one. The shock absorber get the thumbs up from many who say this option reduced their back and leg strain significantly especially after playing for long periods of time.


A couple of users have reported problems with the nitro gas shock absorber and height adjustment system after a few years. Roc-N-Soc does carry replacement parts such as gas cylinders and clutches making this throne quite repairable.


If you're looking for a highly rated saddle throne that's comfortable and easily adjusted, the Roc-N-Soc Nitro has been getting rave reviews for many years and is a great option.

Ahead Spinal G

96 out of 100. Incorporating 275+ ratings and reviews.

The Ahead Spinal G was built from the ground up to support your back and pelvis by Doctor of Chiropractic and designer of the Spinal G throne, Richard Robertshaw.

Its spring balanced split seat design allows your tailbone to hang naturally instead of being mushed into the seat and lets your pelvis bones move naturally and reciprocally.

Other amenities include a thick memory foam cushion for maximum comfort and a 4 leg, double-braced base for added support and stability.

Key Features

  • Seat Size: 18"
  • Height Adjustment Range: 18" to 24"
  • Height Adjustment Method: Spindle
  • Extras: 4-Legged Base, Patented "Ergokinetic" Design, Double-locking height adjustment


The Spinal G has gotten praise for its special focus in the ergonomics department including from people who are living with back problems. Other than overall comfort, this throne has reduced back soreness and allowed for longer practice times for many happy drummers.


A common mentioned downside is that this throne is big and heavy making it a little less transportable than other thrones.


This throne supports natural movement in your spine and shoulders. If you value ergonomics over everything else, this is the throne for you.

Best Drum Thrones With Backrest

Mapex T775 Saddle Top

92 out of 100. Incorporating 225+ ratings and reviews.
At publication time this was the Highest Rated Drum Throne With a Backrest.

The Mapex T775 is a motorcycle-style saddle top drum throne with a back rest and 4 double braced legs.

Its seat is covered in soft vinyl and has slip-proof rubber feet on its base.

The featured back rest is adjustable horizontally, vertically and is removable while the addition of a 4th leg allows you to lean back without worrying about your balance or tipping over.

Key Features

  • Seat Size: 17"
  • Height Adjustment Range: 18" to 26"
  • Height Adjustment Method: Spindle With Memory Lock
  • Extras: Adjustable and Removable Back Rest, 4-Point Base


Drummers who bought this drum throne are happy with the value for money this represents especially with the included back rest. Many found it a sturdy and comfortable option.


There have been some complaints about this throne wobbling, but only a small number of cases reported.


If you want a solid drum throne with a back rest for a good price, the Mapex T775 is a great choice.

Tama HT741B 1st Chair Ergo-Rider Quartet with Backrest

91 out of 100. Incorporating 200+ ratings and reviews.

The Tama HT741B 1st Chair Ergo-Rider Quartet with Backrest puts stability and support at the forefront.

Featuring a hybrid-shaped seat that combines the best of round and saddle seats and a height and angle adjustable backrest, the HT741B was built to cradle your body to keep your posture as comfortable as possible.

Other notable features include its extra low center of gravity "Super Stabilizer Design" with the center pipe closer to the ground than other thrones for extra stability and its "Foot Life" plastic leg attachment that reduces the wear and tear of metal to metal contact for longer foot life.

Key Features

  • Height Adjustment Range: 20.25" - 26.12"
  • Height Adjust Configuration: Spindle
  • Extras: Backrest, Double Braced 4-Legged Base, Oversized Rubber Feet, Patented "Glide-Tite" Grip Joint, "Rocklok" Nylon Bushing


Many users loved how heavy-duty and high quality this drum throne is. Users reported no squeaking or wobbling issues due to the included nylon bushing on the bottom of the throne's threaded rod and its innovative two-piece locking hinge collar system.


There were a couple of reports of the stitching of the seat separating and the vinyl tearing in certain places but these reports are far outnumbered by those without issues.


Whether you want a heavy duty throne with a backrest that can withstand the rigors of touring or simply want a throne for long studio sessions, the Tama HT741B 1st Chair Ergo-Rider Quartet is a feature-packed, well-engineered choice that has your back in more ways than one!

Things to Consider When Buying a Drum Throne

If you’re not sure which drum throne is going to be the best fit for your needs, check out the sections below:


There’s an old saying that you should spend more on the things that separate you from the ground, because in the long run the extra expense will pay off. Now that generally refers to shoes, tires, and mattresses but the same idea holds true for drum thrones.

Think about it this way, if you practice/play for an hour a day you’re sitting on your drum throne for 365 hours a year. That’s the equivalent to sitting for 15 days straight. The average person spends a ton on their mattress and their sofa/recliner, so why not invest in your drum throne too? You’re going to be spending a lot of time on it.

And that comfort is going to pay off in more ways than one. Something that you realize as you become more advanced as a drummer is that a lot of your technique comes down to the subtle movements of your muscles. If you’re playing in an uncomfortable position, or in a way that limits your flexibility, your range of motion is going to suffer. This is going to result in sloppy technique, or even long-term injury if your playing position strains your body.

Round vs. Saddle

There are two general configurations of seat shape on drum thrones: round and saddle. Round seats are cylindrical, while saddle seats are shaped more like a motorcycle seat. Drummers generally have a strong preference for one type or the other, depending on how they’re built and how they sit.

The only thing that you really need to keep in mind is that depending on how you sit one type of seat may cut off circulation to your legs during extended playing sessions. In this case, it’s best to spend some time on both types of seat to figure out which is going to be most comfortable for you.


Drum thrones are pretty simple pieces of equipment, but if you plan on gigging you’re going to want one that is built with quality hardware. Low quality metal can strip or bend, resulting in a seat that is unstable and unreliable.

The quality of the bracing is also important. Bracing reduces the force exerted on an area, but too much bracing makes a stool unwieldly. This is why a lot of the nicer stools use double bracing. Double bracing uses two thin braces as a compromise between strength and portability.

Seat Firmness

The material your seat is made from also has an impact, though it’s a subjective issue. A good analogy would be the type of pillow you use. I like firm pillows, some people like soft pillows, some people sleep without pillows entirely. It’s a combination of your preference, the condition of your back, and the techniques you utilize.

Height Adjustment

There are two main methods of height adjustment on drum thrones, spindle and pneumatic.

Spindles use a threaded rod in which you spin the seat on to the height you prefer and use locks and clamps to hold your seat at the desired height. The good thing about the spindle style is that it’s really easy to make fine adjustments. And if you mark your preferred height it’s a snap to bring your throne to the desired height consistently. The flaw of this design is that the locks can wear out, and it’s a bit more labor intensive to make adjustments than with the gas lift design.

Pneumatic adjusters or gas lift is another method of height adjustment. In addition to drum thrones, they’re also commonly found on office chairs. They have a flat tab, and you push them down to raise the seat and lift them up to lower it. This method of height adjustment is more convenient than spindle types, though it can be harder to set it to a consistent level when tearing down and setting up.

A height adjustment method commonly found on budget drum thrones is the inclusion of holes at different heights and a screw or wingnut. Thrones with this kind of height adjustment are to be avoided if possible due to it being less stable and having fewer adjustment options. But if they are viable if budget is limited, you will have enough change to get sticks of different sizes.

The standard male height is 5’10, so if you’re roughly that height the majority of seats are going to suit you just fine. If you’re significantly taller or shorter than this, there are specialty stools available (though they may require some independent research). Users as tall as 6’3 report being able to use seats with an adjustment range of 20” to 28” comfortably, so a maximum range of 28” will be sufficient for most individuals.


Portability is one of the factors you should consider in a drum throne, and there is usually a compromise between this and other important features. The more portable a drum throne becomes the more it sacrifices comfort and stability, with the inverse being true as the stool becomes less portable.

Deciding what balance of features you need is a decision that includes portability but you need a knowledge of the other factors at play before you can make an informed decision.

Best Drum Throne Selection Methodology

The first edition was published in 2017.

We looked at all the popular and highly rated options available from major retailers in the USA and placed 33 of them on our short-list for closer examination - you can see the list in our Music Gear Database. Then we collected feedback from over 12,400 ratings, reviews and comments from retailers, forums, blogs and videos which we used to report on the Pros and Cons of each one in our recommended list above in addition to processing them with the Gearank Algorithm in order to produce rating scores our of 100 for each one. Finally we selected the highest rated options in each of the 3 categories above. For more information about our methods see How Gearank Works.

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Main/Top Image: Created by using a photograph of the Roc-N-Soc Nitro.

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