Rogue G10 10W Guitar Combo Amplifier


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Rogue G10 10W Guitar Combo Amplifier

The Rogue G10 is a guitar combo amp aimed at meeting the needs of beginners at a very affordable price.

It's as straightforward as it gets with three knobs that let you adjust volume, treble and bass along with a button for engaging overdrive.

This amp is rated at 10 Watts, and comes with a 5" speaker, both of which fit inside a compact combo profile.


  • Power Rating: 10-Watts
  • Speaker Size: 5”
  • Effects: Overdrive
  • Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass
  • Inputs/Outputs: ¼”, AUX-In, Headphone
  • Weight: 6.95 lbs
  • Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 10.2" x 9" x 6.1"

Given the price, owners of this amp are pleased with its overall performance. Note that most of the reviews are from beginners or their supportive parents, which means that it may not equally appeal to experienced players, but it is good enough for its intended market. Reliability and portability is also mentioned positively in reviews.

The controls and features of this amp are a bit limited, which can be good if you just want to plug in and play, or bad if you're looking for sonic versatility.

The Rogue G10 is one of the cheapest good quality combo amp that you can get, great for testing the waters of guitar playing.

Although this was previously on our recommended list, there are now more highly rated options available which you can see in our guide to Guitar Amps Under $100.

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