Roland Blues Cube Hot 30W Solid State Amplifier BC-HOT-VB


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Roland Blues Cube Hot

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The Roland Blues Cube Hot is an interesting solid state amp that strays from the usual digital amp with multiple amp models built-in, rather it focuses all its DSP (digital sound processing) on tube-like vintage-tweed era tones.

The result is a reliable solid state amp with tube-like tones and nuances that impresses experienced players.

This design lets you enjoy classic tones without the fragility and maintenance requirements of real tube amps.

You also get the benefit of other modern features included USB output for direct recording, and built-in digital reverb.

In addition, Roland equipped this amp with power attenuation, allowing you to lower the output rating from the default 30 Watts down to 15 Watts, 5 Watts and it can go as low as 0.5 Watts for quiet practice.


  • Power: 30W / 15W / 5W / 0.5W
  • Speaker: 1x12"
  • Amp Modeling: Vintage Tweed-Era
  • Effects: Reverb
  • Input: 1/4"
  • Outputs: 1/4" (Line Out)
  • Weight: 27.8 lbs.

The Roland Blues Cube Hot is the digital amp alternative for those who prefer the plug and play sensibilities and sonic simplicity of old-school tube amps. And this is reflected in reviews, with many users complimenting how easy it is to get great tone out of this amp. Nick Guppy of Total Guitar was just as impressed, giving it a perfect score and concurring with market sentiment, concluding his review by stating, "Solid-state has come a long way in the last decade, and when amps as good as this one come along, it's hard to deny the benefits. Portability, reliability, consistency and affordability are a given, but great tone is what really counts. But this sounds and responds like a top boutique valve amp, with none of the valve drawbacks."

There are a few who wish for a bit more grit when driving the amp hard. There are also some who feel that the amp is too pricey for its output rating, being a digital amp.

Enjoy the benefits of vintage and modern guitar amp technology with the Roland Blues Cube Hot.

Although this was previously on our recommended list, there are now more highly rated options available which you can see in our guide to The Best Solid State Guitar Amps.

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