TASCAM DR-05 Portable Handheld Recorder (Discontinued in North America)


89 out of 100. Incorporating 1400+ ratings and reviews.

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TASCAM DR-05 Portable Handheld Recorder

The TASCAM DR-05 is a simple and budget friendly choice when looking for a portable audio recorder.

Its omnidirectional microphone helps record surround sounds from different directions. Its peak reduction feature automatically lowers the level of a detected peak sound while recording. It makes it easy to operate by automatically setting the best level while listening to the input and it also works in rehearsal mode and while recording .Other features include the "Variable Speed Audition" which is used to loop and slow down playback without changing the pitch.


  • Inputs: 1 Line in 1/8" stereo jack
  • Outputs: 1 Line/headphone out 1/8" stereo jack
  • Built-in Mic: Omnidirectional, stereo
  • Recording/Playback Format: WAV(BWF), MP3
  • Storage capacity: Comes with 4GB microSD; Expandable to 32GB
  • Power Requirements: 2 AA batteries, USB (Optional AC adapter)
  • Battery Life: 17.5 hours
  • Weight: 4.09 oz.(Without battery)
  • Dimensions: 2.4"(W)×5.55"(H)×1.02"(D)


Many reviewers, who owned this recorder for a long period of time, continue to praise its exceptional stereo recordings and reasonably long recording time. Musicians were able to utilize this in a live band setting and say they gained good results without any distorted noises. Many say it's well designed with quite a sturdy build given its price. It's quite easy to use since its user interface is easy to navigate and has solid buttons. The high volume limiting feature is well regarded for the purpose of avoiding clipping. The "overdub" function is well regarded by multi-track uses. It provides exceptional sound quality and works well in environments with a lot of ambient sound picking it up clearly because of its polar pattern.


Some reviewers mentioned its built in speaker and internal microphone have low volume, while some considered the design to be a bit too bulky. Others have experienced static white noise while recording.


This model has been discontinued so if you're looking for a new handheld recorder then we recommend you consider alternatives such as the TASCAM DR-05X which was previously on our recommended list in our guide to the highest rated handheld recorders.