Taylor Hygro-Thermometer Mini Humidity Sensor (Discontinued)


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Taylor Hygro-Thermometer Mini Humidity Sensor

If you're maintaining expensive acoustic guitars like those from Taylor, it only makes sense to keep them safe from humidity changes. And who better to trust the monitoring of your Taylor guitar, than the company itself.

The Taylor Hygro-Thermometer provides a streamlined way of monitoring temperature and humidity, be it in the room where your guitars are, or in case.

For room readings, it can be wall mounted near your guitars, or you can have it sit on a desk with its built in tilt-back mechanism.

It is also compact enough to use in your guitar case.


  • Weight: 1.44 oz
  • Suspension: Wallmount or In-Case
  • Longevity: Medium

User friendly and working as intended are descriptions that encapsulate how most users feel about the Taylor Hygro-Themometer. It also helps that it is nice to look at, and does not distract wherever you position it.

There are a few who feel that it's too small, requiring a more closer look to check the readings. There are also some who are concerned about this hygrometer being made by a third-party manufacturer for Taylor.

With its flexible positioning and compact size, this will make a good tool to anyone who wants to monitor room or in-case humidity.

Unfortunately this is no longer available, however you can see the highest rated options currently available in our guide to The Best Guitar Humidifiers & Case Hygrometers.

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