BBE Acoustimax Acoustic Preamp DI Pedal


91 out of 100. Incorporating 275+ ratings and reviews.

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BBE Acoustimax Acoustic Preamp DI Pedal
BBE Acoustimax Acoustic Preamp DI Pedal
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BBE Sound Inc. is known for their popular "Sonic Maximizer", which improved the clarity and volume of many recordings. They have since branched into live sound reinforcement and have made their technology suitable for acoustic instruments, resulting in the BBE Acoustimax.

While it may not have as many extra features as other acoustic preamps, it works great where it matters, having extensive tone shaping controls and providing great sound courtesy of the built-in Sonic Maximizer.


  • 3-Band EQ with sweepable mid-range band
  • Low-frequency notch filter
  • Phase reversal
  • Ground lift
  • Line level out (Direct Input)
  • Dedicated tuner out
  • TRS effects loop
  • Pre/post switchable-balanced DI output with pad
  • Input Impedance 2.2 M Ohm
  • True bypass switching
  • Non-slip rubber bottom
  • 12v power supply included
  • Weight: 3 lbs.


The BBE Acoustimax continues to receive high ratings, from users and experts who experience dramatic sound improvement via its built-in sonic maximizer. Reviews are replete with positive stories and recommendations of musicians who use various acoustic instruments that include acoustic guitar, classical guitar, violin, mandolin, banjo and many more. The tone shaping element is also well appreciated in the reviews, especially for musicians who have to adjust their sound to the different venues that they play in.


There are some users who expressed concern on the unit's AC adaptor, which come with tiny wires that feel flimsy. Some also commented that the pedal is too big for its basic functionality, while others hoped for extras like built-in tuner (instead of a dedicated tuner out) and other acoustic-friendly effects. Still, these reviewers are happy with their minor gripes and still recommend the unit to others.


This may not be a do-it-all type of acoustic pedal, but it definitely fits the preamp bill. It was on our recommended list until we undertook a major review of acoustic preamps in December 2018 at which time we found there were more highly rated options to recommend in our guide to The Best Acoustic Preamp Pedals.