CAD Audio EPF-15A Pop Filter (Discontinued)

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CAD Audio

Gearank Recommendation

We were recommending the CAD Audio EPF-15A until 30 November 2017, however there are now more highly rated options which we now recommend in our guide to The Best Microphone Pop Filters.


The CAD EPF-15A is an affordable pop filter that doesn’t stray too far from standard designs, featuring a 6″ washable nylon mesh screen that’s made to protect your mic from plosives and from moisture due to saliva.

Its nylon mesh screen is described by users as having a similar feel to regular hose stockings albeit thicker, and it is connected to a flexible gooseneck holder that allows for positioning.

The EPF-15A pop filter also comes with a swivel mount for added flexibility.


  • Diameter: 6″
  • Washable nylon mesh screen
  • Swivel Mount
  • Flexible 15″ Gooseneck
Unfortunately this is no longer available but you can see excellent alternatives in our guide to The Best Microphone Pop Filters.

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