Donner Guitar Pedal Coupler 4-Pack


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Donner Guitar Pedal Coupler 4-Pack
Donner Guitar Pedal Coupler 4-Pack

The Donner Guitar Pedal Coupler 4-Pack is a simple and practical solution for connecting pedals with jacks that are of the same height.

They are essentially two 1/4" plugs combined together back to back, eliminating the need for a cable to save even more space and cost.

For added eye candy they come with a nice gold finish that will add some elegance to your floorboard rig.

Note that the pedals have to be properly aligned for this to work, which may require some modifications depending on the pedal combination that you are putting together.


  • Pack: 4 pcs
  • Plug: Gold Finish Metal Plugs
  • Conductor: No Cable
  • Length: 2.95" End to End


Being a great space saver is a recurring theme among users who liked the Donner Guitar Pedal Coupler. Users report they work well with a group of regular sized pedals, but many especially recommend it for compact pedals like those from Mooer.


There some guitarists that rated these couplers a bit lower for not working with pedals that have different jack positions, but this is a natural limitation of its straight coupler design and those people simply bought the wrong piece of gear.


We were recommending these until we reviewed the category in July 2018 and we now recommend a more highly rated option at Guitar Pedal Coupler Connectors.