Musician's Gear Double Pop Filter


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Musician's Gear Double Pop Filter

The Musician's Gear Double Pop Filter employs an interesting method of removing the B and P consonant plosives - two pop filters divided by around half an inch of air space.

This configuration has double the efficiency of conventional pop filters, the first filter redirects the plosive consonants to the open space in between which disperses the excess air pressure, while the second filter further disperses any unneeded air movements while allowing the sound to pass through clearly.

Other features include standard flexible gooseneck for positioning and a c-clamp for securing the pop filter on a mic stand.


  • Diameter: 6" Dual Filter
  • Gooseneck: 11.5"
  • C-Clamp (welded assembly)


For close mic vocal recording, the Musician's Gear Double Pop Filter continues to get the job done reliably well, as attested to by many users. Many claim that it outperforms other conventional pop filters, prompting some of them to retake some vocal recordings for the added clarity. Some have even used it for capturing whistling, which is quite impressive for a filter that's affordably priced. Others also comment on the sturdy and stable assembly of this filter, stating that it is easy to set up and that it stays in plays for a good amount of time.


There are a few who are concerned with the extra weight of the double screen assembly, and its effect on mic stand balance. The clamp also got a few complaints, because it does not match the thinner extension arm that holds the mic, adding to the balancing issue.


If you are into close-mic singing, or you're looking to record plosive heavy singing and whistling, then this is an affordable pop filter to have ready.

Although this was previously on our recommended list, there are now more highly rated options available which you can see in our guide to The Best Pop Filters.