Rupert Neve Direct Interface (RNDI) 1-Channel Active DI Box


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Rupert Neve Direct Interface (RNDI) Active DI Box
Rupert Neve Direct Interface (RNDI) Active DI Box

Neve is well known for their preamps and studio consoles, but they've since expanded into the DI market with the highly rated RNDI.

There's not much going on in terms of features and connectivity, but what makes this unit special is its great combination of simplicity and audio quality. Thanks to its Class A discrete FET amplifier, this compact unit made the sound quality of Neve studio consoles more accessible and portable.


  • 48V phantom powered active circuitry
  • Ground Lift switches for both speaker and instruments
  • 1/4" Input and Thru-put jacks, gold-plated XLR output
  • Input Impedance 2.2 M Ohm
  • Steel chassis
  • Weight: 1.5lbs


The general consensus is that the Neve RNDI goes beyond just working - rather it improves the sound dramatically, as attested to by many reviewers. So instead of being just a mere DI box that bridges your instrument to the PA System, the RNDI has become a tone improvement tool for many. Reviewers report of how this unit works well with acoustic guitars and other acoustic instruments, and it is also popularly used on bass guitars, keyboards, and even amplifiers.


The unit's straightforward controls can be lacking for those who are looking for more control. Ironically, there are a few that complained about it not being transparent, so it's more of a preference rather than actually being a negative trait. Finally, some are looking for more features considering the price, but majority agree that this highly ranked preamp/DI Box is well worth the investment.


The Rupert Neve RNDI is highly recommended for multi-instrumentalists who are looking for a versatile preamp. If you're looking to "improve" your acoustic sound and are looking then this is a great pick, well even those who wanted transparency at first ended up loving the fuller sound that they get off the RNDi.

You can buy it or read more about it in our guide to The Best DI Boxes.


So, if I purchase this...

So, if I purchase this... will I still need my Samsamp Preamp pedal? Could I use both of these at the same time for the ultimate fullness and punchiest for a bass guitar? I want this item for the DI section only. But if there’s a built in preamp...I might have to think about it.

Hi John,

Hi John,

The is Sansamp Preamp pedal you're talking about the BDI? I'm a big fan of Sansamp products and I found that they stack well with mic preamps so long as you follow proper gain staging (i.e. not hitting the next preamp too hard so as to introduce unwanted distortion).

Most Sansamp pedals/preamps offer more than just a gain stage. Some offer equalization, cab simulation and other features that you can still use on top of the Neve's preamps. Go ahead and use them both. The results can be pleasantly surprising. I've had great success having a thoroughly driven but harmonically rich bass track in a mix and it just glued everything together.

Have fun!