Shure PGA48 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone


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Shure PGA48-XLR
Shure PGA48-XLR

There is no denying Shure's reputation when it comes to quality microphones, and they make their presence known in the entry level market with the PGA48.

First thing you'll notice about this mic is its premium look, with its black metallic finish and classic silver ball grille.

It sports a dynamic transducer with cardioid polar pattern, a combination based on the iconic Shure SM58.

Other features of this mic include a frequency response of 70Hz-15kHz and an on/off switch.


  • Type: Dynamic
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency Response: 70Hz-15KHz
  • Impedance: 600 ohms
  • Applications: Live and recorded vocals or speech

Market response to the Shure PGA48 is quite positive, with many commending it for its overall sound and build quality. Those who expect it to feel cheap are surprised by how solid the mic is. And the same can be said about its sound quality, impressing public speakers, event organizers, singers, musicians, sound technicians and even DJs.

Some report that it lacks bass response, especially when compared to its more expensive sibling, the venerable Shure SM58. Still most users allude that for the price, the PGA48 is quite good. There are some who report that the on/off switch feels flimsy, and caution that it should be used with care.

If you're looking for a budget mic with on/off switch and Shure's brand of reliability and quality, then check out the PGA48.

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