Sterling Audio STPF2 Pop Filter


87 out of 100. Incorporating 90+ ratings and reviews.

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Sterling Audio STPF2 Pop Filter
Sterling Audio STPF2 Pop Filter

Meta Analysis Overview

Our rating of 87/100 is based on analysis of 90+ sources comprised of online reviews and discussions. Under the Pros and Cons headings below you'll find a condensed analysis of what those owners and users have been saying. Feel free to ask questions or add your thoughts in the comments section.

The STPF2 pop filter from Sterling Audio comes with their own dual layer mesh design, providing improved dissipation of unwanted pops. It also uses the mechanism of having two mesh filters separated by an open air space which helps better dissipate excess air movements, only this one features a 6" mesh made from nylon.

The flexible gooseneck is half an inch longer than most pop filters at 13.5", allowing for a bit more leeway in positioning. It also has a mounting bracket that adds to the STPF2's compatibility with various microphone stand sizes, without compromising its flexibility and stability.


  • Diameter: 6"
  • Gooseneck: 13.5"
  • Dual Layer Nylon Mesh Filter


It's interesting that majority of users found the Sterling Audio STPF2 to be a great pop filter for the price, considering that it is priced a few dollars more than most. Users have reported smooth filtered sound for various vocal styles, paired with popular recording mics like the Audio-Technica AT2020 USB mic. Many users also appreciate the mounting bracket that helps the pop filter securely attach to a mic stand.


Because of its solid build, a few users found the gooseneck to be a bit stiffer than their preference. Other than that, it gets mostly praise from musicians and home recording enthusiasts.


Prior to 30 November 2017 we were recommending the Sterling Audio STPF2, however there are now more highly rated options available which you will find in our guide to The Best Microphone Pop Filters.