Yamaha DTX400K 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set (Discontinued)


84 out of 100. Incorporating 150+ ratings and reviews.

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Yamaha DTX400K 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set

Meta Analysis Overview

Our rating of 84/100 is based on analysis of 150+ sources comprised of online reviews and discussions. Under the Pros and Cons headings below you'll find a condensed analysis of what those owners and users have been saying. Feel free to ask questions or add your thoughts in the comments section.

The Yamaha DTX400K is a worthy entry level electronic drum kit which comes with many features to help you learn and improve your drumming.

It's the cheapest of Yamaha's DTX entry-level range and some of the savings have come about by only including single zone drums - the next step up, the DTX450K, improves upon that with a 3 zone snare.

The Yamaha DTX400K comes with 10 preset kits which can all be reconfigured using the 169 built in sounds. It includes 10 songs to play along with but you can also download more songs via USB.

One special feature that Yamaha included is the ability to use the hi-hat pedal as a second kick pedal allowing you to play a double kick.

Yamaha make some great high-end electronic kits, and have a lot of additional hardware you can upgrade with, such as getting a 3-zone snare, but in doing so you have to spend extra money.


  • A single zone 10" snare pad
  • 3 single zone 7.5" tom pads
  • Kick pad with drum pedal
  • 10" Hi-Hat Pad
  • 10" Crash Pad - No choke
  • 10" Ride Pad
  • Hi-Hat Pedal which doubles as an extra Kick Pedal
  • DTX400 Drum Trigger Module with 169 sounds including 23 snares, 36 toms, 21 kicks, 31 cymbals 16 hi-hats
  • 10 Preset kits - you can edit and overwrite the presets
  • 10 built-in play-along tracks
  • USB/MIDI connection for using it as a MIDI controller with your computer
  • Free iOS App for customization and importing
  • Headphone output


Most of the positive reviews for the DTX400K center around it being a good starter kit, good for practice and as a MIDI controller.


The cymbals are not chokeable and are only single zone as are the drums - this lack of features was the cause of a number of negative reviews.


Although many customer reviews rate the sounds of this kit quite highly, it's clear the lack of multiple zones means this is a kit you will soon outgrow. It is also quieter which will appeal to people who need to keep the noise down when practicing.

The Yamaha DTX400K is hard to find in stores these days so you might like to look at the current alternatives in our guide to The Best Cheap Electronic Drum Set For Beginners.

Additional Analysis by Alexander Briones

This was originally written in a slightly different context of analyzing the best overall electronic drum sets and provides some additional helpful information.

Yamaha has produced an affordable and student-friendly electronic drum set in the DTX400K, balancing price and functionality while retaining the company's reputation for quality and reliability.

Being a compact kit, it features smaller 7.5" pads for the snare and toms, with an upgrade option for a 3-zone snare pad, while the cymbals and hi-hat are 10" in diameter.

It also features a silent kick unit that removes the need for a standard kick pedal.

The drum module has a total of 10 kits and 165 sounds for switching the sound around, along with various controls for tweaking the resulting sound.

Finally, it comes with built-in training functions complete with pre-recorded voice instruction.


  • Snare & Toms: 4 x 7.5" Rubber Pads
  • Cymbals: 2 x 10" Rubber
  • Hi-Hat: 1 x Hi-Hat with Basic Pedal
  • Kick Pad: KU100 Silent Kick Unit
  • Drum Stand: Steel Rack
  • Drum Module: DTX400 Drum Trigger Module with 8 Trigger Inputs
  • Module Sounds: 10 Drum Kits, 165 Sounds, 10 Songs (Songs can be changed via USB)
  • Extra Features: Built-in Training Functions, USB/MIDI Connectivity
  • Module Inputs: 1/8"
  • Module Outputs: 1/4"
  • Power Supply: AC adaptor
  • Dimensions: 35.1" x 22.7" x 12.4"
  • Weight: 38.6 lbs.


Market response is mostly positive, with many describing the Yamaha DTX400K as an excellent starter kit. While most of the reviews are from students, there are teachers and experienced drummers who are just as fascinated with its overall performance. Many are also happy with how the drum module sounds when using headphones.


There are a few who are not too happy with the rubber pads, but they do admit that it doesn't feel cheap. The small size of the pads also came up a few times from users who wish that they were bigger. Some users also caution that while the pads are solid, the cables that connect them to the module require a bit more handling care.


With Yamaha's backing, the student-friendly DTX400K electronic drum set gets our thumbs up, but due to a lack of availability we are now recommending alternatives in our guide to The Best Cheap Electronic Drum Set For Beginners.

The following video offers a good comparison of the sounds of the Yamaha DTX400K and the Roland TD-1K