Korg microKEY AIR 49 Bluetooth MIDI Keyboard Controller


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Korg microKEY AIR 49 Bluetooth MIDI Keyboard Controller
Korg microKEY AIR 49 Bluetooth MIDI Keyboard Controller

The Korg microKEY Air 49-Key controller is a streamlined portable keyboard controller designed for Apple's popular laptops and iOS mobile device.

It does away with extra features and sticks to keyboard essentials, which include a compact 49-Key mini keybed with velocity sensitivity, along with useful keyboard controls that include pitch wheel, mod wheel and octave selection buttons.

To make this keyboard even more convenient, Korg designed it to run on USB power or on two AA batteries which can last for up to 30 hours of use.

Finally it can conveniently lets you connect to wirelessly via Bluetooth technology.

Key features:

  • Keys: 49 Mini Key with velocity sensitivity.
  • Pads: None.
  • Arpeggiator: None.
  • Motorized Control: None.
  • Octaves: +4/-4
  • Bundled Software: Propellerhead Reason Limited, Legacy Collection M1 Le, AAS modules, UVI Digital Synsations
  • Power: USB powered or 2 x AA.
  • Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth, Assignabe Footswitch
  • Control Hardware Directly: No.
  • Compatibility: Mac OS X, iOS via CCK.
  • Dimensions: 27.91" x 5.47" x 2.13"
  • Weight 2.21 lbs


Low latency control gets the most positive mentions in reviews, with some noting that it has good enough latency for live performance use. Speaking of performance, there are also a good number of users who appreciate the natural feel and compact size of the keys. Finally, it gets a lot of thumbs up for how Korg was able to fit a four octave keybed into a compact unit.


Some users are concerned about the plastic housing of the controller, but this should be expected given its price range and its focus on portability.


If you're looking for a good 49-Key MIDI keyboard controller that's compatible with iOS devices, then the Korg microKEY AIR 49 is highly recommended.

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