The Best 25 Key MIDI Controller Keyboards

The Highest Rated 25-Key MIDI Controller Keyboards


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Getting your studio up to speed has never been easier. In times gone by, when you wanted a MIDI controller, most that were available only came in large formats. These days, smaller MIDI keyboard controllers can be seen as centerpieces to the entire creative process. A 25-Key MIDI Controller may come across as inhibiting or underwhelming but in reality, modern compact MIDI Controllers pack a lot of punch and portability given their size.

They're not designed to replace a full-size keyboard, but rather to offer convenience and portability. Being able to get ideas down faster is the number one benefit of using a compact setup especially for touring musicians.

This May 2020 Update brings together the best 25 Key MIDI Controller Keyboards across all price ranges so you could find the one that fits your needs the most.

The Best 25 Key MIDI Controller Keyboards

Arturia MicroLab


90 out of 100. Incorporating 40+ ratings and reviews.

Street Price: 

Arturia MicroLab 25-Key MIDI Controller Keyboard

Released in 2019, the Arturia Microlab is a compact, budget-friendly 25-key MIDI controller that still features controls found on larger, more pricey offerings.

Arturia calls it "universally compatible"; meaning it can connect with anything from tablets to other class-compliant devices. Its low power consumption enables it to work even with mobile devices without external power.

Key features:

  • Keys: 25 Velocity Sensitive Synth action, Mini-keys
  • Pads: None
  • Buttons & Knobs: 2 x Touch Strips (pitchbend, modulation, preset browsing)
  • Octaves: +/- 4
  • Bundled Software:Bitwig 8-Track, Arturia Analog Lab Lite, UVI Grand Piano Model D
  • Power: USB Bus Powered
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit , Windows 7 SP1 or later, 64-bit
  • Dimensions: 16.6" x 3" x 7"
  • Weight 1.8 lbs.


Aside from its appearance, many expert reviews praise its compact size and portability. The build quality is surprisingly rugged for the price and the included software bundles get you up and running fast. Dave Gale, writing for MusicTech said, "Above all, you plug it in and just play, and the included software will also make it very appealing to anyone on a tight budget."


Controls are limited to the basics.


Despite its colorful appearance, the first entry on our list is anything but toy-like: It still enables creativity to flow into your compositions and its quirky appearance does not get in the way.

Arturia MiniLab MkII


91 out of 100. Incorporating 650+ ratings and reviews.

Street Price: 

Arturia MiniLab MkII

At publication time this was the Highest Rated 25-Key MIDI Controller Keyboard.

The Arturia MiniLab MkII is a mini-laboratory of MIDI controls with emphasis on portability. To save on space, it features 25 slim keys, but they do have velocity sensitivity.

It features 16 encoders for more control over your DAW software, and 8 customizable RGB pads for triggering samples, with two banks to work with.

Finally, it comes bundled with nifty software which includes Ableton Live Lite, Analog Lab Lite and UVI Grand Piano.

Key features:

  • Keys: 25 Velocity Sensitive Slim-Keys
  • Pads: 8 RGB Pads
  • Buttons & Knobs: 16 Encoders, Octave +/-, Sustain, Volume
  • Octaves: +/- 4
  • Bundled Software: Analog Lab Lite, Ableton Live Lite and UVI Grand Piano
  • Power: USB Bus Powered
  • Connectivity: USB, Sustain Pedal
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.7 or Later, Windows 7 or later
  • Dimensions: 14" x 2" x 8.7"
  • Weight 3.3 lbs.


This MIDI keyboard still gets a lot of positive reviews which gives it some staying power on our top picks. Overall build quality seems to be its strongest trait, and coming in close second is the playing feel of its slim keybed, which many appreciate. Aesthetics and portability often commended. It also scored a number of high ratings with its good compatibility with various devices and software.


Not many complaints hardware wise, but there are a few who report software compatibility and setup issues in negative reviews even though this may have been addressed in more recent firmware updates.


If you're looking for a compact MIDI keyboard with a bit more functionality than others in the price range, the MiniLab MKII is worth checking out.

Nektar Impact LX25+


87 out of 100. Incorporating 425+ ratings and reviews.

Street Price: 

Nektar Impact LX25+ 25-key USB-MIDI Keyboard Controller

The Impact LX25+ features Nektar DAW Integration that provides pre-mapped controls for most major DAWs.

It has dedicated navigation and transport controls and presets that allow you to integrate controls within your DAW.

The velocity sensitive keys come in a full-size piano-style build.

Key features:

  • Keys: 25 note velocity-sensitive synth-action keyboard
  • Pads: 8 velocity sensitive pads
  • Buttons & Knobs: 1 Pitch bend wheel, 1 Modulation wheel, Octave Up and Octave Down shift buttons, Transpose Up/Down shift buttons, 8 potentiometers, 1 30mm faders, 6 dedicated transport buttons, 5 preset locations store control settings, 1 Page button (for Nektar DAW Integration only)
  • Octaves: 9 octaves
  • Bundled Software: Bitwig 8-Track
  • Power: USB powered
  • Connectivity: 1/4” TS jack foot switch input (MIDI Assignable), USB port on rear panel, and USB bus powered. Connects to iOS via Apple Camera Connection Kit (separate purchase)
  • Compatibility: USB Class compliant. iOS, OSX, Windows XP, or higher, Linux (MIDI driver software required)
  • Dimensions: 18.75" x 10.5" x 2.75"
  • Weight 4 lbs.


This MIDI controller has all the essentials for most users, which makes it a good value for its price. Many reviewers confirmed it worked seamlessly with most DAWs, such as Logic Pro, FL Studio, Garageband, and Sonar (since re-branded as Cakewalk by BandLab). Users discussed how the controls, keyboard, and pads were responsive and easy to manage when it comes to their production workflow. Even with its multiple features, it has a lightweight build that makes it portable enough to carry around.


Despite its reported durability, few people suggested the plastic build wasn't on par with the price.


Versatility at this price price point is headlined by the Nextar Impact LX25+. A jack-of-all trades for musicians, producers and songwriters.

Novation Launchkey Mini mk3


88 out of 100. Incorporating 100+ ratings and reviews.

Street Price: 

Novation Launchkey Mini mk3 25-key MIDI Keyboard Controller

Ableton Live is one of the most popular DAWs used for live performance. The Novation LaunchKey Mini mk3 was designed to integrate primarily with the Ableton Live DAW for full control over sample triggering, note for note performances and on-the-fly knob tweaking.

Key features:

  • Keys: 25 Velocity Sensitive Synth action Mini-keys
  • Pads: 16 x Velocity-sensitive RGB Pads
  • Buttons & Knobs: 8 x Rotary Knobs , Octave +/-, Pitch, Modulation
  • Octaves: +/- 4
  • Bundled Software:Ableton Live Lite, AAS Session Bundle, Additional Bundled Plug-ins
  • Power: USB Bus Powered
  • Connectivity: USB, 1 x 1/4" (sustain), 1 x 1/8" (MIDI out)
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.7 or Later, Windows 7 or later
  • Dimensions: 12.9" x 1.22" x 6.77"
  • Weight 1.55 lbs.


Ableton Live users rejoice! Users of this DAW love how the Launchkey Mini mk3 directly integrates with and controls aspects of the DAW. The mk3 version is universally praised as a step up from the previous iteration. In addition to saying it worked well when tested with Logic, John Andrews said at MusicTech, "It’s a fantastic little key, rotary and pad controller that does Live brilliantly and a lot more besides."


May be too compact for some people more used to larger-spaced pads and keys. Not as comparably optimal for use with other DAWs and may need manual parameter assignment in those cases.


If your workflow revolves around Ableton Live and want a controller that fully integrates with it, the Novation Launchkey Mini mk3 is a great place to start.

Novation Impulse 25


87 out of 100. Incorporating 150+ ratings and reviews.

Street Price: 

Novation Impulse 25 Key MIDI Controller With Pads

The Novation Impulse 25 is very popular with Ableton users as reviewers report that it works very well with this DAW. A more upmarket offering from Novation, it builds on their product line by adding more natural-feeling keys.

Its Automap software also supports Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Reason/Record and Live.

Key features:

  • Keys: 25 velocity sensitive piano style keys with assignable aftertouch.
  • Pads: 8 velocity sensitive pads.
  • Buttons: 6 function buttons (4 with LEDs), 3 control switch buttons with LEDs.
  • Octaves: 9 with the Octave Up and Octave Down buttons.
  • Bundled Software: Ableton Live Lite, Novation Bass Station VST and AU plug-in, and Automap DAW and plug-in control software - NB the Automap feature doesn't work with Pro Tools AAX plugins.
  • Power: USB powered and includes a DC power socket for an optional power adapter.
  • Connectivity: USB and 5 pin din MIDI in and out sockets.
  • Compatibility: Mac OS X + Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP.
  • Dimensions: 22.4" x 15.1" x 6.29"
  • Weight 7.72 lbs


The Pads and the overall build quality are often cited positively in customer reviews. Users also praised the feel of the keys and mention that the feel was what attracted them to it. The full size keys were also preferred by players with with larger hands.
It also comes with an Arpeggiator which is well liked.


The most often cited negative is that the knobs are a little loose making precise positioning a bit finicky. The aforementioned Arpeggiator was noted to lack a "latch" feature that many felt was essential.


It's all about the feel for the Novation Impulse 25 as noted by several positive reviews referring to it. If you're looking for a keyboard controller at this price-point and tactile response is a priority for you, the Novation Impulse 25 is anything but an impulse purchase.

Akai Professional MPK225


89 out of 100. Incorporating 175+ ratings and reviews.

Street Price: 

Akai Professional MPK225 Keyboard & Pad MIDI Controller

The Akai MPK225 certainly isn't the cheapest 25 key controller out there, but it is highly regarded by people who have bought one and reviewed it.

While some small controllers are primarily intended as an input device, Akai have designed this to be a completely playable instrument and that's one of the reasons it's so highly regarded. It includes semi-weighted keys and aftertouch, Full RGB pads, 10 octave range and great software bundled to get you going.

Key features:

  • Keys: 25 full size semi-weighted with aftertouch.
  • Pads: 8 which are velocity and pressure sensitive and they light up MPC style (with full RGB).
  • Octaves: 10 by using Octave Up and Octave Down controls.
  • Bundled Software: Ableton Live Lite DAW, MPC Essentials software sampler, and the Air Hybrid 3 and SONiVOX Twist virtual synths.
  • Power: USB powered and can use an optional 6V DC, 1A, power adapter (sold separately).
  • Connectivity: USB and 5-pin MIDI out and MIDI in.
  • Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later + Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. It is also iOS compatible but you'll need a CCK and external power supply as well.
  • Dimensions: 19.25" x 11.75" x 3.63"
  • Weight 6.09 lbs


Being an Akai controller it also comes with a lot of MPC features including Note Repeat, Full Level, and an arpeggiator. The common aspects highly rated are the quality of the pads (not surprising given that Akai invented them) and the quality of the keys which has been Akai's weak point in the past on small controllers. The other most commonly praised feature is the overall premium build quality and robust feel.


The main downside, which was reported by a few Mac users, is that it doesn't work as well with Logic Pro X out of the box as some other controllers - it takes a bit of extra configuration to get the most out of Logic. As of this update, fewer reviews refer to this so it may have been resolved by firmware/software updates.


With it's premium build and features, the Akai Professional MPK225 will satisfy even the most finicky performer. Don't let the "Professional" tag scare you off; it's just as inviting and inspiring for beginners and hobbyists alike!

Budget 25 Key MIDI Controller

Don't let the price point of the next item fool you: it has surprised many pros and earned it's place on this list from a number of glowing reviews.

Nektar SE25


86 out of 100. Incorporating 50+ ratings and reviews.

Street Price: 

Nektar SE25 25-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

At first glance, the Nektar SE25 won't grab your attention. It's unassuming size, aesthetics and aggressive price point make it easy to pass up.

Engineered to feel close to its more pricey siblings, the Nektar SE25 is a minimalist MIDI Keyboard controller features extensively tweaked keys with 3 velocity curves to fit to your playing style.

At 0.88lbs, its also one of the lightest controllers featured on this guide.

Key features:

  • Keys: 25 Velocity Sensitive Synth Mini-keys with 3 velocity curves
  • Pads: none
  • Buttons & Knobs: PB1, PB2 (assignable to Pitchbend, Pan, Transpose), S Buttons (sustain, modulation)
  • Octaves: +/- 4
  • Bundled Software: Bitwig Studio 8-track
  • Power: USB Bus Powered
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.7 or Later, Windows 7 or later
  • Dimensions: 13.18" x 0.82" x 3.93"
  • Weight 0.88 lbs.


With a width of 13.18", many users noted that the SE25 is just nearly as wide as their laptops. The compact and portable size of the unit makes a great companion for touring musicians. Many who own the unit love how it fits in a backpack along with their laptops so they can write music anywhere.


The most obvious cons are its lack of features; a necessary compromise for the size and weight reduction.


If you need a controller you can whip out in a snap and set up for quick inspiration, at a price that won't feel like you spent anything at all, the Nektar SE25 is a great purchase even if you own one (or several!) more expensive controllers.

Things To Consider When Buying A 25 Key MIDI Controller

  • What Type Of Connectivity Do You Need? It's becoming ever more commonplace for MIDI controllers to only have USB ports on them, so if you need to directly control instruments that only have the MIDI style 5 pin DIN connector then you'll need to ensure the controller you buy has a standard 5 pin MIDI out port, otherwise you'll also have to buy a USB to MIDI converter (link to

  • Key Size & Weight. Although some 25-key controllers have full sized keys, many don't. Most of them also don't have full weighted keys. If you're a piano player and you need these features then read the specifications carefully. If you do need something bigger then take a look at our guide to 49 Key MIDI Controller Keyboards.

  • Power Supply. If you need one for portable use with a laptop or tablet then you need one that takes its power from USB, however this comes at the cost of draining your device's battery more quickly. You also may have problems getting enough power from the iPad which provides only 20% of the USB 2.0 standard of 500mA - if you have a problem you'll need to get a powered USB hub.

  • Pads, Mod Wheels, Aftertouch If you need these features then read through the specifications carefully as some of the lower priced options don't always include these.

Best 25 Key MIDI Controller Selection Methodology

This guide was first published on December 19, 2015 and last updated on written by Raphael Pulgar with contributions from Alexander Briones, Denise Azucena and Jason Horton.

We looked at all the 25 key MIDI controller keyboards available at major online American music gear retailers and selected 24 of them to put on our short list. We then gathered feedback on each one in the form of ratings, reviews and discussions and analysed that information both with the Gearank Algorithm to produce scores out of 100 for each of them, and to provide us with the information to report on each of the highest rates ones we recommended above. Over 14,100 review and rating sources were used during this process. For more information about our methods see How Gearank Works.


USB Midi only keyboards are

USB Midi only keyboards are no good if you want to connect them straight up to a 5 Pin midi DIN sound module or something like a Korg Volca FM etc.
The author's Amazon link to a USB to Midi adapter is no use in this case. That device only works with an actual computer which also powers it. To connect a USB Midi keyboard to a Volca module or other sound module, you need a 'USB Midi host adapter'. Google is your friend here.

Good point. I am looking for

Good point. I am looking for a very small keyboard with an actual midi output - the only one so far I have found is the Alesis Q25.

I really like your review,

I really like your review, maybe you can also add novation impulse 49 and not only 25. Thanks

I too am waiting for Arturia

I too am waiting for Arturia Minilab MK2 - people say that it has improved much and is better that many competitors for this price in mini MIDI segment.

Also, do you take negative reviews into account? Because there has been some noise around M-Audio Oxygen line quality issues - lots of reports of keys acting weird, triggering double notes, not triggering at all etc. So, I'm not sure if your current pick is safe to recommend unless M-Audio get their stuff fixed in some new M5 edition.

Our ratings take account of

Our ratings take account of all types of reviews including positive and negative. You can learn more about how our ratings are calculated, and what they mean, in How Gearank Works.

It's so annoying that you

It's so annoying that you didn't list whether the Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S25 has full-size keys. That's the most important consideration, in my opinion.

I'd be interested in a

I'd be interested in a comparison of Bluetooth-enabled versions of these devices.

I wonder why the Arturia

I wonder why the Arturia Minilab is not on the list

The Arturia MiniLab has been

The Arturia MiniLab has been discontinued and replaced by the Arturia MiniLab MkII which didn't have sufficiently high enough ratings to be included in this guide at the time of publication - it is on our watch-list and we may recommend it if it scores high enough when we next update this guide.


NOVATION SL25 MK2 has 8 encoders, 8 pots, 8 touch-sensitive faders, 8 pads, pitch/mod expression stick, XY pad, and 25 full size keys, speeddial, and automap for automatic DAW and VST control.

I always use 5-pin MIDI. Don

I always use 5-pin MIDI. Don't understand why manufacturers dropped the 5-pins and make things more complicated with USB plug adapters. Happy to see here a clear overview of 5-pins keys, great help to me in buying the right hardware. Thanks a lot!

Great helpful article, thanks

Great helpful article, thanks! It was really helpful that you included whether or not they each had actual midi ports.

I'm glad you found that part

I'm glad you found that part useful. When doing the research for this gear guide I was surprised to find that a number of people had bought keyboards with only USB MIDI when they actually needed one with a classic 5-pin MIDI port.

I have updated the Key

I have updated the Key Features above to include the weight of each of the keyboards.

I've made an additional

I've made an additional update to include the dimensions of each keyboard - this is useful when deciding what type of keyboard stand or stand attachment to get.

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