Marshall AS100D 100-Watt Acoustic Guitar Combo Amplifier (Discontinued)


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Marshall AS100D

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The AS100D appeared on our recommended list for Acoustic Amps from when we first published it in July 2016 until it was no longer available in May 2020.

The 50 Watt version is still available - you can see our analysis of it: Marshall AS50D.


Marshall's acoustic series amplifiers designed specifically for acoustic guitar are quite popular and the AS100D is one of their better selling models.

The AS100D is the larger of the two amps in Marshall's Artist Series acoustic guitar amps with 4 channels, stereo output, and 100 watts of power (50 watts per side).

This one is designed for gigging and playing at larger venues.

It sports 4 channels with two of them having mic inputs - it can handle piezio and magnetic picups as well as vocal mics.

One channel is dedicated to vocal microphones with a mic preamp with phantom power and an XLR socket so it can effectively be used as a mini PA system.

Note that it only has 15V phantom power instead of 48V which means you're limited in the number of condenser mics you can use

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Front Panel
Marshall AS100D Front Panel
Rear Panel
Marshall AS100D Rear Panel

A note of caution: some online retailers erroneously list this as a 50 watt amp when in fact it has two 50 watt channels giving it a total output of 100 watts at full power.

The Marshall AS100D is great acoustic amp that performs well both on stages and in the studio.


  • Power Rating: 100 Watts (50W + 50W)
  • Amplifier Type: Solid State
  • Channels: 4
  • Master Volume: Yes
  • Inputs: 2 x Instrument, 2 x XLR/Mic with 15V phantom power, 1 x RCA Stereo
  • Outputs: Line out, Balanced DI out
  • Controls: 3 x Volume, 2 x Bass/Treble, Mid, Mid Frequency, 2 x Sweep for feedback control, 2 x FX Min, 2 x FX adjust, FX volume, AUX volume, Master volume
  • Speakers: 2 x 8" Celestion + 2 x polymer dome tweeters
  • Weight: 46.3 lbs
  • Dimensions: 23.82" x 20.87" x 10.63"

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Website Source *Rating Value
Acoustic Magazine Guy Little 94/100
Audiofanzine Animaxion 100/100
*Displayed values are prior to the Gearank Algorithm's adjustments it makes when evaluating the source.


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I am looking for an amp that

I am looking for an amp that not only has two channel inputs - which this one does... but that each input channel has an assigned output channel. I note that this amp has a left and right D.I out but its not clear if this means that each channel has its own D.I. output

I havent had my as100d for a

I havent had my as100d for a year yet, and it has uncontrollable annoying distortion. Im using brand new quality cords, and playing my Martin HD28 with an LR Baggs system. Help Please.

Best accoustic amp I have

Best acoustic amp I have ever used
I even use it with my Gibson ES 335 and it gives it an enjoyable
mellower tone which seems to go well with vocals and a Voice live which I use most of the time for live performances
Would highly recommend!!!!!

I take it that this amp is

I take it that this amp is solely for semi acoustic guitars and unable to handle normal electric guitars ie Gibo Les Paul or Fender Strat..? If it can’t handle an lecky guitar do is there any Marshall amps that do with the brown similar to the look of AS100D model..?

Yes this amp is specifically

Yes this amp is specifically designed for semi acoustic guitars.

There's nothing to stop you directly plugging in an electric guitar, but you won't get the Marshall tone you'd expect.

You could use a modeling preamp/fx unit, like the Fractal Audio FM3, in between your electric guitar and an acoustic amp to get a more traditional electric tone.

I haven't seen Marshall use this particular color scheme on any of their current electric amps.

I purchased AS100D in 2008,

I purchased AS100D in 2008, in 2012 the second channel (below main input) stopped working then 1 year later the Mic channel stopped working, the amp is used every week and has had a reasonably easy life. Sound reproduction is up there, but I will think about Fender products for my next purchase.