TC Electronic Flashback Digital Delay and Looper Pedal (Discontinued)


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TC Electronic Flashback Digital Delay and Looper Pedal

Gearank Recommendation

The Flashback appeared on our recommended list for Digital Delay Pedals from August 2017 until April 2019 when it was removed due to a lack of availability.


The Flashback is very similar to the Alter Ego, featuring a similar looping functionality as well as TC Electronic’s TonePrint Software. With that being said, there is one important difference that separates these two pedals.

Basically, the Alter Ego comes pre-loaded with more spacey delay models while the Flashback uses more traditional delays. Like the Alter Ego, the Flashback sports a model of the TC Electronic 2290. However, it also includes an analog delay, a tape delay, a lo-fi delay (squashes the tone down during consecutive repeats), dynamic delay (works to keep repeat volume consistent), ping pong (stereo delay), slap, and reverse delay.

As you see, the two pedals cover a lot of similar ground. Like the Alter Ego, the Flashback also has access to T.C. Electronic’s TonePrint software. As previously discussed, this software allows you to use and create different preset delay models.

While the pedal is designated as a “delay and looper”, the looping functionality is the same as the Alter Ego. You shouldn’t purchase this pedal if you’re looking for a dedicated looper, but if you’ve never experimented with the technology and you want a delay you may find that its inclusion adds more value.

If you’re looking for a great delay and a great looper don’t think that this unit is going to be a two-in-one effect, because if you go in with this expectation you’re going to end up disappointed.


  • Controls: Delay, FX Level, Feedback, Mode
  • 10 Delay Modes and Tone Print
  • Delay Time: Up to 7000ms
  • Stereo Input/Output
  • True Bypass or Buffered Bypass
  • 9-Volt Battery or Power Adapter (not included)
Unfortunately it's no longer available in stores so if you're looking for alternatives then take a look at our guide to The Best Delay Pedals.



Regards to your list. I would

Regards to your list. I would go with the Flashback Delay. For the $ it is great. What is not on you list and is more money-I like the BelleEpoch more. Granted it is over 200.00 usually and the TC Electronics Flashback is usually around 100.00 or less. Whenit comes to the 100.00 $ mark like the Carbon copy(Street price)-Lets face facts, No one I know would ever pay more than 100.00 for a MXR C-Copy next to new. As far as Multi effects, The only way to fly is a Roland GR-55. If you shop right on ebay you can get them new for 550.00 and a SA guitar for 1000.00 easy. Just look and you will find a Godin with the PU built in. That is cheap for everything you get.