Xotic SP Guitar Compressor Pedal


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Xotic SP Guitar Compressor Pedal

Gearank Recommended

The Xotic SP appeared on our recommended list for Guitar Compressor Pedals from our very first edition in July 2017 until August 2022 when it was removed because it had finally been out-ranked by other compressors.


The SP Comp by Xotic is a compact and simple compressor on the outside but features hidden customizability under the hood.

On the surface, the only parameters you have access to are: volume, blend, and three different levels of compression (high, low, and medium levels).

However, the pedal does have four internal switches which you can use to modify attack and release, cut high-end frequencies, and cut dB output levels.

The internal dip-switches are not variable controls, so their ability to dial in different tones is limited.

This pedal is a great choice for anyone who wants a compression pedal that won’t interfere with the natural voicing of their instrument. With great tweakability (albeit at the cost of immediate access) portability and transparency, the Xotic SP is a good fit in any rig from small to large.


  • VCA Compression
  • Parameters: Volume, Blend, Compression (Toggle)
  • Internal Dip-Switch: Attack, Release, Hi-Cut, and dB Cut
  • True Bypass
  • 9-Volt Battery or AC Adapter