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From time to time we publish articles on a range of topics that we hope fellow musicians will find useful. If you're specifically looking for music gear buying guides go to our Gear Guides section.

EQ Before Or After Compression - Chicken or the Egg?

EQ Before Or After Compression - Chicken or the Egg?

In mixing, there are a lot of ways you can adjust your tracks - but should you EQ before or after compression? Find out here how each can affect your audio!

Home Recording Studio Equipment List for Professional Sound

Extensive Home Recording Studio Equipment List

Whether you're setting up your first project studio at home, or even if you have quite a bit of experience in this area, you'll find this long list of home studio equipment will cover just about every type of gear you'll need to consider.

Things To Consider When Buying An Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide

Guitar teacher Alexander Briones explains what you need to know about acoustic guitars before buying your first one, or perhaps before upgrading to a much higher priced guitar.

The Best Guitar Pedals: Eleven Essential Effects

11 Essential Effects

The guitar is unique in that its tone can be manipulated to a greater degree than just about any instrument out there. We can distort it and modulate it to our hearts content. When the right effects are used, the possibilities are endless.

The Different Ukulele Sizes Explained

Ukulele Sizes to Scale

Unlike some other instruments, ukulele sizes aren’t named like separate instruments (violin vs. viola, and mandolin vs. mandola). This has led to confusion, and because the different body types sound and feel different to play many musicians aren’t sure which body style will be right for them - this guide will help you understand what each shape and size is.

Reverb vs Delay Guitar Pedals

Reverb vs Delay Pedals

A primer on how reverb and delay pedals work, the differences between them and the types of sounds you can get from them, along with advice on where to put them in your signal chain.