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From time to time we publish articles on a range of topics that we hope fellow musicians will find useful. If you're specifically looking for music gear buying guides go to our Gear Guides section, or for analysis of specific makes and models go to Meta Reviews.

Different Types of Microphones - Everything You Need to Know

The Different Types Of Mics And Their Uses

This will help you understand the what the main kinds of microphones are that are used in music production, both live and recording, and what each type of mic is typically used for.

Topics covered include: Microphone Polar Patterns, Diaphragm Sizes, the 3 Main Types of Microphones used in Music, and the practical applications of each type of mic.

What Makes Affordable Guitars So Cheap?

What Makes Affordable Guitars So Cheap?

Matt Dunn explains the differences between cheaper and more expensive guitars and highlights how some cheap guitars can out-compete big brand names and domestic built options...

Drum Miking Techniques: How to Mic Drums for Recording

How to Mic Drums for Recording

Drum miking is almost a "lost art" in the time of 40GB drum sample libraries, electronic music and home music production. Audio engineer Raphael Pulgar explains different techniques for miking drums using from 1 to 8+ microphones

Choosing the Right Type of Studio Recording Microphone for Your Vocal Type

Choosing The Right Mic For Your Vocal Type

Everyone's voice is different: Different timbres, volumes, ranges, and textures distributed across different ages, genders and languages. That's just for the voices; microphones on the other hand have different circuitry, quality, and frequency response -- it can all get too overwhelming to even mention how each mic is different.

Building Your First DIY Guitar Kit

DIY Guitar Kits

DIY electric guitar building and modding aficionado Matt Dunn provides some very good advice you should read before attempting your first guitar kit build.

The Difference Between Overdrive and Distortion Explained

Overdrive and Distortion Explained

Though they’re often lumped together, overdrive and distortion are two very different effects. They both work towards different purposes, and they both have a different impact on your tone. If you’ve ever asked yourself: “What is the difference between overdrive and distortion?" - you’ve come to the right place!

Reverb vs Delay Guitar Pedals

Reverb vs Delay Pedals

A primer on how reverb and delay pedals work, the differences between them and the types of sounds you can get from them, along with advice on where to put them in your signal chain.

Extensive Home Recording Studio Equipment List

Extensive Home Recording Studio Equipment List

Whether you're setting up your first project studio at home, or even if you have quite a bit of experience in this area, you'll find this long list of home studio equipment will cover just about every type of gear you'll need to consider.

The Best Guitar Pedals: Eleven Essential Effects

11 Essential Effects

The guitar is unique in that its tone can be manipulated to a greater degree than just about any instrument out there. We can distort it and modulate it to our hearts content. When the right effects are used, the possibilities are endless.

The Different Types of Guitar Strings Explained

Guitar Strings

Main types of strings categorized, explained and simplified for you. If you want to know what type of guitar strings you should be using, this article is for you.

Best Electric Guitars - The All-Time Classics

Classic Electric Guitars

The history of modern music has been significantly shaped by one instrument - the electric guitar. So much of the music we love today simply wouldn't be possible without it and a large part of that is down to the all time classics featured in this list.

The Different Ukulele Sizes Explained

Ukulele Sizes to Scale

Unlike some other instruments, ukulele sizes aren’t named like separate instruments (violin vs. viola, and mandolin vs. mandola). This has led to confusion, and because the different body types sound and feel different to play many musicians aren’t sure which body style will be right for them - this guide will help you understand what each shape and size is.

11 Very Best Acoustic Guitar Brands (2023)

The Highest Rated Acoustic Guitar Brands

An objective data-driven approach to finding the very best acoustic guitar brands, and the reasons why these top guitar brands deserve a closer look.

Tremolo vs Vibrato: The Difference Between These Two Effects Explained

Vibrato and Tremolo pedals

Tremolo and vibrato are two terms that are constantly confused, and because these effects are no longer widely used, a lot of guitarists don’t have a ton of experience with them. If you’ve ever wondered what the difference between tremolo and vibrato is, you’ve come to the right place!

Musical Instrument Amplifier Overview

Musical Instrument Amplifiers

Because different instruments have different timbres, each type requires specialized amplifiers. This has given birth to the many amp types that are available today, including guitar amps (which also branch out to acoustic and electric guitars), bass amplifiers, acoustic instrument amplifiers, keyboard amplifiers, drum amplifiers and multi-purpose amps

Why Electric Guitar Knobs Matter

Why Electric Guitar Knobs Matter

A complete walkthrough of the two main electric guitar knobs: volume and tone. Along with practical tips on their use.

Live Sound Equipment - Music Gear for Live Performance

music equipment for live performance

Here is an extensive guide to the range of music equipment used in live performance and is intended for use as a reference for musicians, technicians and venue owners.

The Different Types of Electric Guitars Explained

The Different Types of Electric Guitars Explained

Our electric guitar expert will help you discover the guitar types and configurations that you need to consider when planning for your next electric guitar.

The Different Types of Acoustic Guitars Explained

Acoustic Guitars

Our guitar expert walks you through the different types of acoustic guitars and tonewoods. Learn the differences so you can choose the one that fits your needs

Things To Consider When Buying An Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide

Guitar teacher Alexander Briones explains what you need to know about acoustic guitars before buying your first one, or perhaps before upgrading to a much higher priced guitar.

Thinking About Upgrading Your Pickups? Read This First!

Thinking About Upgrading Your Pickups? Read This First!

While journalists and YouTubers like to wax about how impactful different tone woods or stainless steel frets can be, the pickups are really supplying most of your guitar’s tone.

How To Set Up A Home Recording Studio

Home Recording Studio

My name is Raphael Pulgar and I run a home-based studio called Saturnine Audio. In this guide, I will be showing you how to set up a home recording studio.

The Highest Rated Ukulele Brands For Beginners

The Highest Rated Ukulele Brands

Here are the highest rated ukulele brands.

We calculated this list by taking into account more than 18,500 reviews, ratings and opinions of musicians from around the world.

How Gearank Works

How Gearank Works

What is Gearank?

Gearank 99 Button

Gearank is a rating out of 100 for music gear that incorporates a large number ratings and reviews from around the web in one simple number for you to compare.