Boss BCB-60 Powered Pedalboard (26.4" x 14.6") (Discontinued)


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Boss BCB-60 Powered Pedalboard

The Boss BCB-60 pedalboard is essentially a plastic box that can carry multiple stompboxes and morph into a pedalboard complete with power supply.

It is wide enough for carrying around six Boss size pedals, and has the capability to power up to seven of them.

Note that you can fit a wah pedal, or other taller pedals inside the right side of the board by removing the wire holder bar up top.

Staying true to Boss' reputation for durability, both the exterior and inner-frame of the BCB-60 are crafted from impact resistant molded plastic resin, strong enough to handle the usual road trip bumps.

And since it's made of plastic, it is relatively lighter and also affordable.


  • Inner-Frame: Molded Plastic with Padded Interior
  • Exterior: Molded Plastic Resin
  • Inner Dimensions: 24.8" x 8.66" (with removal bar to make room for taller 10" wah pedals)
  • Exterior Dimensions: 26.44" x 14.63" x 3.93"
  • Weight: 8.44 lbs.
  • Power Supply: 1,000mA AC adapter 9V power for up to 7 pedals.
  • Accessories: Pre-cut insert x 3, Spare insert x 1, 8-pin parallel DC cord, L-L cable (short) x 5, L-L cable (long) x 3, Owner's Manual


Those who have favorable opinions of the Boss BCB-60 describe it as a very practical board. Many guitarists and bassists are happy with how it proves to be an all-in-one pedalboard and power supply solution for their needs. A lot of users are impressed with how it helped them reduce cable clutter and simplify their rig. Many guitarists and bassists also appreciate its portability and how easy it is to open and close for every gig.


There are a few who are concerned that lid latches are frail. They recommend carefully securing the latches and handling the unit with care, because they experienced having some of them break or open while in transport.


If you've got 6 or fewer pedals, and you're looking for a compact powered pedalboard that doubles as a hardcase, then get the Boss BCB-60.

Unfortunately this is no longer available new in stores, however there are highly rated alternatives you can see in our guide to The Best Guitar Pedal Boards.

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