Aston Microphones Origin Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone


92 out of 100. Incorporating 550+ ratings and reviews.

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Aston Microphones Origin Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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Our rating of 92/100 is based on analysis of 550+ sources comprised of online reviews and discussions. Under the Pros and Cons headings below you'll find a condensed analysis of what those owners and users have been saying. Feel free to ask questions or add your thoughts in the comments section.

At first glance, the Aston Microphones Origin looks like a premium, boutique-manufactured microphone.

Even when looking at the specifications and features, one might mistake it for a $1000+ microphone.

It features a 10dB pad, and 80Hz highpass filter, all augmenting a 1" gold-evaporated capsule.

To emphasize it's versatility, Aston Microphones notes that the Origin has been used "from vocals for the likes of Noel Gallagher and Kylie Minogue, to drums for Arcade Fire and Geoff Dugmore (Elton John, Tina Turner, Bruce Springsteen) and live guitar cab mics for Radiohead's Thom Yorke."


  • Type: Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz (+/-3dB)
  • Impedance: 200 Ohms
  • Max SPL: 127dB SPL
  • Applications: Recording vocals and acoustic instruments. Some low volume electric guitar.
  • Phantom Power Requirements: +48V


Many users note they were "blown away" by the Origin's sound quality; emphasizing mostly on how the mic is amazing for vocals with a balanced timbre that works well for different voices. Other users love it on drum overheads for working with excessively bright cymbals without becoming sibilant.


Some report a little distortion with higher SPL sound sources.


With its unique design philosophy, top-shelf components and construction and overall industry sentiment, the Aston Microphones Origin is etching its name into the logbooks of many studios as a treasured microphone. Get it for great, neutral sounding vocals and instruments but be wary of high SPL sources.

Although this was previously on our recommended list, there are now more highly rated options available which you can find in our guides to Condenser Mics: Small to Large Diaphragm and Studio Vocal Mics.

Aston Microphones Origin Frequency Response and Polar Pattern Charts:

Aston Microphones Origin frequency response chart

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